Taking the energy business a step forward

Environment/Energy Business

The environment and energy sectors are facing various issues around the world.
The MUL Group engages in the renewable energy business including mega solar plants and
development of next-generation energy infrastructure in addition to leasing energy-saving equipment.
We are expanding our business both in Japan and globally by leveraging our expertise gained over the years.
We contribute to the global environment while increasing
customers’business value by making the full use of
our extensive expertise in energy saving, creation, and management.

Engaging in a wide range of renewable energy business

Engaging in a wide range of renewable energy business

Renewable Energy

The MUL Group has worked on a large number of solar power generation projects such as one of Japan’s largest solar generation projects in Tahara City, Aichi Prefecture and the solar power generation project using roofs of rental apartment houses. In 2015, we established MUL Energy Investment Co. Ltd. engaging in energy asset management. We are working on projects that have a total output of 1,680 MW (as of end-March 2017) throughout Japan. In 2012, we established Central Forest Management CO,Ltd to provide consulting services for forest regeneration projects. Going forward, we will build a network to procure fuel for biomass power generation in Japan with the aim of applying it to the local revitalization business.

Reducing energy consumption in buildings

Reducing energy consumption in buildings

Developed by MUL based on information provided
by the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy

Environmental Support Services

The MUL Group is promoting ZEB (Net Zero Energy Building) construction as part of efforts to reduce environmental burdens. ZEB is a type of construction aimed at achieving net zero primary energy consumption in buildings by improving the heat insulation of the building envelope and energy-saving performance of equipment while facilitating the use of renewable energy. To achieve this, MUL became the only financial company to be certified as a ZEB Planner. MUL offers appropriate advice from the document development stage, such as subsidy applications, while providing planning services for both equipment and buildings by leveraging its expertise in various financial services and energy saving. In addition, MUL has globally expanded its energy-saving expertise gained in Japan, providing local, environmentally friendly energy-saving services.

Fighting efficiently against global warming
through emissions trading

Fighting efficiently against global warming through emissions trading

Photo by Asahi Shimbun

Carbon Offset Services

Carbon offsetting is an activity to reduce CO2 emissions, which are thought to be the primary cause of global warming. It is designed to offset the volume of CO2 emissions which could not be reduced by corporate efforts with the volume of CO2 emissions reduced in other places. The MUL Group has provided the Offset Partner Service to the All Japan University Ekiden as part of efforts to contribute to the global environment. We contribute to balancing the development of sports with conservation of the global environment by offsetting CO2 emitted from electricity and vehicles used for the race with emission credits generated from greening projects.