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The Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance Group will draw on resources Group-wide to offer optimal solutions to customers. The Group provides many different financial services, including not just finance lease but also operating lease focused on asset values, as well as auto lease, real estate securitization, PFI business, factoring, and environmental products. The Group is also engaged in various rental services, trading of used equipment, insurance operations, and services to customers based overseas.

Finance lease

Finance lease begin by having customers freely choose the assets they require. Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance then purchases the equipment on their behalf for leasing to them. During the lease period, customers make fixed lease payments covering all expenses, including the cost of assets, interest, various taxes, and insurance premiums.

Operating lease

Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance leases various types of equipment such as industrial machinery and machine tools for leasing periods that suit customers' production plans. We are also able to reduce the total leasing fee paid by a customer because fees are set based upon an amount calculated by subtracting a prior estimate of the used value (or residual value) of the lease asset once its lease has expired, from the asset's original value. Moreover, an accounting standard for lease transactions that became effective in April 2008 continues to permit operating leases to be treated as off-balance sheet transactions.

Real Estate lease

Real estate lease involve an arrangement where we lease land from landowners through commercial leaseholds, construct buildings on site to customer specifications, and finally sublease the property to them. This arrangement enables tenants to open stores with only relatively small upfront investments. This system is therefore optimal for client retailers planning to expand store networks and logistics operators.

MENUET Store Subleasing System

This real estate subleasing system reduces the deposit burden for tenants moving into (or opening stores in) buildings or shopping centers.

Auto lease

We rationalize vehicle management operations by constructing optimal vehicle management systems that reduce costs, clarify cost structures, save labor and achieve other goals.

Carbon Natural lease

These leases offset the amounts of CO2 emitted by leased equipment by means of emission credits. They help customers to make capital investments without burdening the environment.

e-Leasing Direct

e-Leasing Direct enables customers to perform an entire range of procedures via the internet, including requesting and viewing estimates, as well as completing lease contracts and certificates of completion of lease inspections. Customers can also verify transaction details online during lease periods.

Lease Portal

This portal site for leasing operations enables vendors using the Partner Lease service to complete all lease contract-related procedures and collation processes online. The site can be utilized immediately with no registration fee.

Partner lease

Partner lease is approprietary leasing system of Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance that enables customers to conclude leasing arrangements using simple and speedy procedures when seeking lease in the course of equipment sales and business negotiations with vendors.

Machine Tool Speed lease

Through partnerships with numerous leading machinery manufacturers, we promptly lease machine tools required by customers who are considering capital investments.

PC Rentals

We significantly reduce the hassle and cost of every aspect of deploying PCs, from purchasing to operations and management. We provide tailor-made rental services offering all the unique advantages of renting while also preserving leasing benefits. Customers may freely choose from a wide range of PCs in stock. Efforts are focused on providing rental PCs speedily, conveniently and at low cost.

Machine Tool Rentals

We address various customer needs relating to machine tools, such as by helping them to temporarily ramp up production or fill short-term orders. Our services fuse the financing functions of Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance with the machinery inventories and expertise of U-Machine Inc.

Real Estate-related Finance

We go beyond leasing operations to provide various types of structured finance to meet financial needs related to the opening and relocation of stores, offices, research laboratories, and other facilities.

Sales Receivable Factoring

Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance purchases sales receivable from customers to rapidly convert receivables into cash before settlement dates.

Medical Fee Factoring

Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance purchases medical fee receivable to enable hospitals and clinics to convert receivables into cash in as little as five business days, compared with the two months or so typically required for payment from the Social Insurance Agency or the All-Japan Federation of National Health Insurance Organizations.

PFI (Private Finance Initiative) Business

The PFI business employs private-sector funds and management expertise to develop and operate public infrastructure and other projects that have been conducted by the public sector so far. The goal is for the private sector to take greater initiative in efficiently and effectively developing public infrastructure and offering public services.

Eco Finance

Our customers have varied finance-related needs, arising from plans ranging from the purchase of business sites to the construction of plants. We offer total solutions to our customers to enable them to achieve their business plans in the form of financing and leases that precisely address their needs.

Installment Sales

Installment sales involve the sale of facilities or equipment that customers have freely chosen. Payments are collected in installments over the contract period, after which customers claim ownership of the assets. Installment sales are preferable for facilities and equipment that are more conducive to ownership than leasing.

Global business support

Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance Group offers optimal solutions to meet various customers' needs for developing global business through our network.

ESCO (Energy Service Company) Business

The ESCO business involves planning energy conservation systems for entire plants, buildings and other facilities and performing the required renovation work. The ESCO operator guarantees the energy conservation benefits. We provide all services in a single package, including the technologies required for ESCO services, facilities, finance functions, and energy conservation guarantees.

Offset Partner Service

This service offers complete support to the customers who want to make use of emission credits, including procurement and management of credits.

Support for Entry to Leasing Business

We support the group-wide business and sales strategies of our customers by making available our extensive expertise in the leasing business.

Tenant Guarantee Deposit Liquidation

Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance provides deposits (including security deposits and construction support funds) on behalf of customers leasing buildings, stores in shopping centers, land or other properties. This scheme helps to give customers more asset liquidity and to raise their funding efficiency.

Support for Opening Hospitals and Clinics

We offer comprehensive support for physicians considering opening private practices. Based on the physician' s specialty, we help select sites for clinics, offer consultations on funding, and support the deployment of medical and IT equipment. Support extends to personnel, advertising, promotion, and much more.

Data Removal Service

There is a growing demand to secure and protect confidential information. This security service ensures that data is removed and made completely irretrievable from computers at the end of lease.

IT Asset Management Solution DREAMS

DREAMS offers integrated management of all IT assets ranging from the deployment of IT assets, including not only rented but also existing assets, to operations, license management, data removal and equipment disposal.

Used Machinery Purchasing and Sales

Leveraging our extensive track record in operating lease and the used machinery market, we handle a broad range of machinery and equipment. This includes machine tools, plastic processing machinery, and printing plates. We also appraise and purchase machinery and equipment no longer needed due to equipment upgrades and plant relocations, idle machinery and equipment, and more.

Used Medical Equipment Purchasing and Sales

As a specialized trading company specializing in used medical equipment, we handle a broad range of medical equipment with an emphasis on safety. We also appraise and purchase medical equipment no longer needed by customers.

Used Semiconductor Production Equipment Procurement and Sales

We procure and sell used semiconductor production equipment worldwide, leveraging our experience in offering this equipment through operating lease.

Short-term Corporate Bonds (Electronic CP)

These bonds are short-term investment products backed by Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance' s credit standing. Issued at a par value of at least \100 million, maturities can be set at any period of time greater than one month but less than one year. This flexibility enables us to satisfy our customers' specific investment needs.

Japanese Operating lease (JOL)

JOLs are investment products that generate income from leasing fees and the sale of end-of-lease assets. With only a small investment, investors may effectively derive similar benefits to those derived from ownership of large assets. This enables them to build up internal reserves according to their plans and effectively use cash at hand.


We design, sell, and consult on business insurance policies that fit the needs of business leaders and personal insurance policies.

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