CSR Initiatives

Facilitating Improvements to Employee Health

Health Improvement Measures

The corporate philosophy of Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance states, "We will create a workplace environment that motivates each and every employee and in which they can take pride." Based on this philosophy, we are developing a healthcare system comprising self-care, line care overseen by supervisors, and care provided by internal healthcare staff (human resource representatives) that incorporates industrial physicians, public health nurses, outside businesses, and other specialized organizations. Through this system, we aim to help all employees improve their health. Specific initiatives on this front include the following.

  • Regular health examinations (100% of employees underwent examinations in fiscal 2018)
  • Implemented stress checks (about 94% of employees took these checks in fiscal 2018)
  • Health consultation venues for speaking with health insurance unions, industrial physicians, and public health nurses
  • Establishment of dedicated hotline for phone and e-mail consultation on health and other concerns available 24-hours a day, free counseling services, and medical facility referrals offered through cooperation with external specialists
  • Designation of mid-level employees as healthcare representatives in all workplaces to provide line care while working to prevent and quickly detect health issues among newer and other employees
  • Discussions of themes related to health improvement and illness at meetings of the Health Committee and dissemination of information based on these discussions and on lectures by industrial physicians

2020 Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations Recognition (Large Enterprise Category)

Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance was certified as a 2020 Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organization in the large enterprise category. The certification is granted for strategic efforts to maintain employee health from a management perspective, under the METI-created Certified Health & Productivity Management Organization Recognition Program, which aims to give social recognition to outstanding enterprises engaged in health and productivity management efforts. Enterprises are judged in terms of employee health management, improvement, and promotion utilizing 25 criteria, including initiatives to promote work-life balance, and whether industrial physicians and public health nurses are involved with planning and verifying health maintenance and improvement initiatives.

2020 Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organization

Reduction of Overtime

The Company seeks to minimize health issue risks resulting from fatigue accumulated through excessive work hours and to promote work-life balance. To this end, we encourage employees to take part in a weekly "no overtime day," when employees leave work at 7:00 p.m. We have also set Companywide leave acquisition targets and are promoting systematic leave acquisition to meet these targets. When an employee is judged to be at higher risk of health issues due to the accumulation of fatigue from excessive work hours, we ask this employee to consult with an industrial physician or public health nurse so that we can better keep track of their health condition and they can receive advice.

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