CSR Initiatives

Approach to Human Resources Development

Basic Policy on Human Resources Development

To pursue the basic policy of "integration of finance and business" contained in the medium-term business plan, as well as advancing our lease and finance functions, it is vital that we strengthen our "specialist expertise in businesses and industries," so that we may evolve into a professional organization.
We have established the following five qualities of the ideal employee and developed educational and training programs designed to allow each of our employees to grow and acquire the appropriate expertise.

<Qualities of the Ideal Employee>

  • Client-oriented
    Identifies the clients' management issues and requirements and, seeking to work together with them as their collaborative partner, builds strong relationships with clients in Japan and overseas.
  • Professionalism
    Possesses self-awareness and responsibility as a professional and continues to expand their own expertise according to their own aptitude, to provide value to clients in the way that only MUL can.
  • Creation and Transformation
    Pursues the creation of new business and constant transformation to provide highly added value and raise productivity.
  • Leadership
    Displays strong leadership through model behavior and responsible decisions to accomplish the mission of the organization.
  • Human Resources Development
    Creates an environment in which diverse people can participate actively and achieves fair evaluations and appropriate development, to support medium to long-term career development.

Enhancement of Training and Career Development Support Programs

To improve the knowledge and skills of our employees, we implement a range of training specific to different staff grades, from junior and mid-level staff to management-level positions. Further, to support employees in their career development, we operate a system for changing occupations and career paths, as well as an internal recruitment system that enables employees to take on the challenge of working in their desired fields.

Training Programs for Head Office Staff

New hires: Induction training conducted in the first year of employment, mentoring by senior colleagues (instructors), etc.
Junior to mid-level: Business school for gaining expert knowledge in finance, leadership training (established in FY2014), overseas traineeships, sending employees to language schools and to overseas universities, etc.
Management-level: Human resources management training, career development support programs, diversity sessions, etc.

<Comment from overseas trainee>

Tomohide Fujiwara, Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance (U.S.A.) Inc. (MULUSA)
(Trained at MULUSA)

In the year that I spent as a trainee in the United States, the country with the world's largest GDP, I gained a real sense of Mitsubishi UFJ Lease's potential for further growth overseas. It was a very fulfilling year that was filled with both personal and professional challenges. I am still working at MULUSA today and I am keenly aware that, in addition to language skills, working for an overseas subsidiary requires the acquisition of a high degree of self-sufficiency, which will enable me to perform duties in a wide range of domains. At the moment, every day is spent struggling with the job in front of me, but I hope to take advantage of the invaluable experiences I have gained here and strive hard every day so that I can succeed anywhere in the world in any environment.

Comment from overseas trainee:Tomohide Fujiwara

Yuko Fujimaki, Mitsubishi UFJ Lease (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. (MULS) (at that time)
(Trained at MULS)

During my year of overseas training, I had many opportunities to meet people of diverse backgrounds and to broaden my horizons. As I worked in the area of cross-border finance, my awareness changed, and I started looking at things from a more macro perspective. For example, I would think about what kind of impact events in Japan and other countries have on markets and economies in the ASEAN region. Also, some countries in that region have undeveloped legal and financial systems, which brings with it many hardships. However, I was able to gain invaluable experience that gave me a great sense of achievement.
I want to accumulate even more knowledge and experience in financial operations in the rapidly growing Asian markets and become someone who can respond to the needs of diverse clients.

Comment from overseas trainee:Yuko Fujimaki

Training programs for National Staff

We operate a variety of training programs for our "national staff," that is locally engaged personnel working at our overseas subsidiaries, with the aims of fostering their understanding of the Group's corporate culture and business and invigorating cross-cultural communication.

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