CSR Initiatives

Approach to Human Resources Development

Basic Policy on Human Resources Development

To pursue the basic policy of "integration of finance and business" contained in the medium-term business plan, as well as advancing our lease and finance functions, it is vital that we strengthen our "specialist expertise in businesses and industries," so that we may evolve into a professional organization.
We have established the following five qualities of the ideal employee and developed educational and training programs designed to allow each of our employees to grow and acquire the appropriate expertise.

<Qualities of the Ideal Employee>

  • A focus on customers
    Builds relationships with domestic and overseas customers by leveraging knowledge of their issues and needs, adopting the premise of working with customers as partners.
  • Professionalism
    Possesses self-awareness and responsibility as a professional and continues to expand their own expertise according to their own aptitude, to provide value to clients in the way that only MUL can.
  • Creation and Transformation
    Pursues the creation of new business and constant transformation to provide highly added value and raise productivity.
  • Leadership
    Displays strong leadership through model behavior and responsible decisions to accomplish the mission of the organization.
  • Human Resources Development
    Creates an environment in which diverse people can participate actively and achieves fair evaluations and appropriate development, to support medium to long-term career development.

Training and Career Development Support Systems

To improve staff knowledge and skills, we implement a range of training specific to different staff grades, from junior to mid-level staff to management-level staff. To support career development, we operate a system for changing careers and career paths and an internal job-posting system through which employees can take on the challenge of working in their desired field.

New Hires
Introductory training, long-term training to cultivate ability to execute duties, mentoring by senior staff members, etc.

Junior to Mid-Level Staff
Business school for gaining expert knowledge in finance and leadership training, overseas program for improving business English proficiency, management-track career development program for women, etc.

Management-Level Staff
Management training, diversity management training, etc.

Locally Hired Employees
Management training, practical training, etc.

Efforts to Cultivate Global-Minded Human Resources

Opening of the Global Human Resources Development Office

In October 2019, the Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance Group opened the Global Human Resources Development Office within its Human Resources Department in order to speed up cultivation of the human resources needed for global business development. The Group is making efforts centered on this office, in cooperation with related departments, to provide a full set of training programs, which include a new education system for domestic employees, and training for locally hired employees aimed at spreading the Group's corporate philosophy. Moreover, the office serves to enhance HR's ability to support development and exchange among the Group's human resources.

Sharing of the Qualities of Ideal Human Resources

Global expansion has brought together employees with diverse backgrounds, with over 1,000 Group employees working overseas. Locally hired employees, who up to this point have kept their focus on business within their respective countries, are now required to think of a single business from a global perspective, and must work as Group members to share its corporate message. For this reason, we are building a system to ensure that the qualities of ideal human resources, as required by the Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance Group, can take hold among employees of overseas subsidiaries and become adopted as one of the themes for locally hired employee training.

The Importance of Cross-Cultural Communication

While locally hired employees have deepened their understanding of Japan through Head Office training, domestic employees have been working to improve their communication skills with a focus on language proficiency. However, making headway with overseas business requires the ability to communicate with an understanding of the differing customs and cultures of the people in these countries, in addition to language. For this reason, we will focus on human skills that promote understanding of different cultures and diversity and enhance our efforts in this regard. This includes training, started in fiscal 2019, that values the importance of cross cultural communication and which targets employees from Head Office who are dispatched overseas, in addition to efforts to enhance our pre-overseas dispatch training for all employees.

Enhancing Locally Hired Employee Training

With the number of employees at overseas subsidiaries on the rise, it has become increasingly important to train locally hired employees. Since fiscal 2012, we have been conducting group training at Head Office for managers and young employees so that locally hired employees can deepen their understanding of Head Office operations and Japanese corporate culture. In fiscal 2019, we introduced a new initiative to gather and train such employees primed to manage our overseas subsidiaries in the future. In fiscal 2019, three training modules were held at Head Office, with 36 participants. We will continue to enhance our employee training from fiscal 2020 onward.

Training for executive-track locally hired employees
Training for executive-track locally hired employees

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