Internal control / Information Security

Initiatives on Internal Control

To ensure the appropriate conduct of operations, Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance works to continuously enhance and strengthen the internal control system. Each year, we review and expand the range of operations covered by the system. The relevant corporate departments, branches, and domestic and overseas Group companies report on the implementation status of internal control to the Accounting Department. Following an audit by the Internal Audit Department, this department presents an internal control implementation plan a report evaluating the effectiveness of internal control to the Disclosure Committee on a quarterly basis. These documents are also submitted to the accounting auditor. Additionally, employees receive a copy of the Internal Controls Handbook to ensure full compliance with the standards of behavior under the internal control system.

Action on Information Security

In the area of information management, we have put in place a set of information security management rules and produce a range of manuals. Together, these regulate areas including the use, management, and disposal of information, creating a strict security system. We also recognize that it is our social responsibility to handle customers' personal information appropriately, and we have established a personal information protection policy as part of measures to ensure stringent control.
We also hold regular information security audits and carry out awareness checks on all corporate officers and employees.

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