Corporate Profile

The Business of the Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance Group

The Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance Group provides a variety of solutions to customers centered on customer businesses in Japan and abroad by introducing a business division system with professional expertise in each business field and region.

Domestic customer business

We and Group companies with characteristics in the region and the business field carefully meet various needs.

Overseas customer business

We provide tailor-made services in each country by leveraging our global networks in Asia, the Americas, and Europe.

Real estate business

We provide real estate leases, real-estate-related finance, loans to owners of condominiums for investment purposes and carry out the real estate revitalization business.

Healthcare business

We provide a variety of services in a one-stop manner in the healthcare field such as medical and long-term care services.

Environment and energy business

We respond to customers' diverse needs such as leasing using subsidies and financing for renewable energy.

Infrastructure and corporate investment business

We respond to various needs such as for financing, equity investment, and management of infrastructure projects in Japan and abroad.

Aircraft and logistics business

We provide an advanced asset management service for global assets, such as aircraft, aircraft engines, ships, containers and rail freight cars.