Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

We will prove worthy of the trust of customers, shareholders, and employees as we contribute to realize a more prosperous society.

  • We will work to achieve sustained improvement in corporate value by offering the best solutions to customers.
  • We aim to play a part in the development of regions and society by pursuing environmentally considerate corporate activities in compliance with laws and regulations.
  • We will create a workplace environment that motivates each and every employee and in which they can take pride.

Corporate Message

Value Integrator Integrating the value of management resources through the integration of finance and business to create new value for society as whole.

Code of conduct

MUL's unique risk-taking

We undertake unique risk-taking as a non-bank and a non-trading company.

Resolute approach for problem solutions

We challenge to offer solutions to customers' problems without fear.

Speedy action based on strategies

We take energetic and speedy action, which reflects the company's enthusiasm.

Expertise that realizes solutions

We utilize all available expertise to realize valuable solutions for customers' needs.

Earnest approach for social responsibility

We dedicate ourselves to fulfilling our social responsibilities in order to earn the trust of all stakeholders.

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