Corporate Profile

Corporate History

April, 2007 Diamond Lease Company Limited and UFJ Central Leasing Co., Ltd. merged to form Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance Company Limited
Listed on the First Section of the Nagoya Stock Exchange
October, 2007 Mitsubishi Auto Leasing Corporation merged with Diamond Auto Lease Co., Ltd.
February, 2009 Mitsubishi Auto Leasing Corporation merged with Central Auto Leasing Co., Ltd.
Company Name: Mitsubishi Auto Leasing Corporation
July, 2009 Acquired major share of Miyuki Building Co., Ltd.
January, 2013 Acquired all equity interests of JSA International Holdings, L.P., which owns aircraft leasing companies such as Jackson Square Aviation, LLC
November, 2013 Acquired major share of PT. Takari Kokoh Sejahtera
November, 2014 Acquired all of the outstanding shares of Engine Lease Finance Corporation
Acquired all of the equity interests of Beacon Intermodal Leasing, LLC
October, 2015 Established MUL Energy Investment Company Limited
April, 2016 Established MUL Realty Investment Company Limited
Established MUL Realty Advisers Company Limited
October, 2016 Formed capital and business alliance with Hitachi Capital Corporation
December, 2016 Established MUL HEALTHCARE CO., LTD.
April, 2017 Commenced participation in a submarine power transmission project for offshore wind power plants in Germany
June, 2017 Entered into the aircraft engine parts-out business
July, 2017 Commenced participation in an on-shore wind power farm project in Ireland
May, 2018 Established MUL Utility Innovation Company Limited
July, 2018 Invest in Water Supply Business in the United Kingdom
December, 2018 Acquired ENGS Holdings Inc., Vendor Finance Company in the U.S.
March, 2019 MUL Realty Advisers Co., Ltd, began operations of MUL Private REIT, Inc.
May, 2019 Established PT. Balai Lelang Caready, an auto auction business, as a joint venture with Indonesia's largest taxi operating company, PT. Blue Bird Tbk.
July, 2019 Invested in GOJEK, Southeast Asia's leading digital platform
Invested in Electricity North West Limited, a U.K.-based electricity distribution operating company
October, 2019 Invested in marine research affiliate for offshore wind power generation in Taiwan

History of Diamond Lease

April, 1971 Established by Mitsubishi Group companies
March, 1985 Listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
September, 1988 Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
December, 1998 Acquired Minami-Kyushu Diamond Lease Company Limited
October, 1999 Merged with Ryoshin Leasing Corporation
August, 2000 Acquired major share of The Casio Lease Company Limited
January, 2001 Acquired ISO14001 certification
March, 2002 Acquired major share of Hirogin Lease Co. Ltd.
March, 2003 Invested in Mitsubishi Electric Credit Corporation (45%)
January, 2004 Acquired major share of The Daiwa Factor and Leasing Co., Ltd.
(renamed DFL Lease Company Limited)
August, 2006 Acquired major share of Kyocera Leasing Company Limited
(renamed Diamond Asset Finance Company Limited)
February, 2007 Acquired major share of MMC Diamond Finance Corporation
March, 2007 Established Mitsubishi Auto Leasing Holdings Corporation with Mitsubishi Corporation, as a holding company for Diamond Auto Lease Co., Ltd. and Mitsubishi Auto Leasing Corporation

History of UFJ Central Leasing

May, 1969 Established as Central Leasing Co., Ltd., the first leasing operator in Japan's Chubu region
November, 1989 Listed on the Second Section of the Nagoya Stock Exchange
March, 2000 Acquired major share of Shinko Lease Co., Ltd.
March, 2001 Invested in Techno Rent Co., Ltd. (30%)
Acquired major share of Japan Medical Lease Corporation
November, 2002 Acquired ISO14001 certification
March, 2003 Acquired major share of Chukyo General Lease Co., Ltd.
February, 2004 Acquired major share of Asahigin Leasing Co., Ltd.
(renamed Shutoken Leasing Co., Ltd.)
April, 2004 Integrated the leasing division of UFJ Business Finance Co., Ltd.
(Mitsubishi UFJ Factors Limited) and changed corporate name to UFJ Central Leasing Co., Ltd.
April, 2004 Listed on the First Section of theTokyo and Nagoya Stock Exchanges

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