IR Policy

1. Objectives of and Basic Approach to IR Activities

The Company endeavors to disclose information continuously and actively to earn the trust and fair evaluation of shareholders and other investors. The Company ensures to build internal system and keep precise, timely, and fair disclosure of information about its management policies, business strategies, business activities, financial position and other topics.

2. Disclosure Standards

The Company discloses information in accordance with all laws and regulations, including the Securities Exchange Law and mandatory disclosure rules issued by stock exchanges. In addition, the Company voluntarily and actively discloses information deemed to be meaningful for shareholders and other investors.

3. Disclosure Methods

The Company discloses corporate information subject to timely disclosure rules through the TD Net System of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and through press releases. Disclosure on the Company's website is an additional means of ensuring timely and open disclosure. The Company also works to deepen understanding of all its business operations by informing shareholders of its business activities through various reports, conducting presentations for investors, and through other means.

4. Forward-looking Statements

Information disclosed by the Company may contain forecasts and other forward-looking statements. These statements are based on the Company's judgment as of the time of release and reflect certain risks and uncertainties. Actual results may differ from forecasts due to a variety of factors, including changes in economic conditions and market trends.

5. Material Confidential Information

The Company shall only discuss public information and commonly known facts in responding to questions or news coverage, or at earnings presentations conducted or attended by the Company, private meetings, or other events. The Company shall not discuss material confidential information.

6. Quiet Periods

In order to prevent the leak of earnings information prior to announcements, the Company maintains "quiet periods" from the day after the end of fiscal periods (including interim and quarterly balance sheet dates) until announcements. During these periods, the Company refrains from commenting on earnings announcements or replying to questions. However, in the event that matters subject to timely disclosure rules arise during quiet periods, the Company will make appropriate announcements based on timely disclosure rules.
Meanwhile, under quiet period, the Company replies to questions to the extent of disclosed information.

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