• Medium-Term Management Plan (FY2017-FY2019)

Medium-Term Management Plan (FY2017-FY2019) Breakthrough for the Next Decade

1. Overall Policy

"Integration of Finance and Business"

By integrating finance and business, aim to address social issues while improving profitability at the same time.

Evolution of business model  Corporate finance  Asset finance  Provision of services  Business participation  Business operation

Value both "Top-line Management*" and "Efficient Management"

Beyond the concept of "increasing profits by expanding assets," aim to increase profits, save costs and enhance asset efficiency and risk-return at the same time by effectively utilizing assets.

Image of Value both "Top-line Management" and "Efficient Management"

* Management policy targeting a boost in operating income

2. Management Strategy

MUL's management strategy consists of two pillars: the growth strategy and the business infrastructure reinforcement strategy.

Growth Strategy  (1) Provide the values that customers choose (2) Realize a "business management model" unique to Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance (3) Make full use of group synergies (4) Optimize portfolio management (5) Strengthen ties with Hitachi Capital
Business Infrastructure Reinforcement Strategy  (1) Advance integrated risk management (2) Sophisticate financial strategies (3) Promote review of working practices (4) Evolve into a professional organization (5) Maintain and improve the trust of the public as a good corporate citizen

Overview of management strategy

The MUL Group bases its business on domestic and overseas customer business centered on equipment leasing. This business plays a role to maintain and expand lease transactions that serve as a robust base, and to improve profitability through determining customer needs and environmental changes in advance, while finding new business seeds and putting them into practice.
In addition to the "environment & energy," "healthcare," "real estate," and "global asset" businesses that remain the priority industry sectors from the previous Medium-Term Management Plan, the MUL Group newly positioned the "social infrastructure" business which it launched from the previous year as a priority industry sector, and will work to evolve its business model from one of business participation to one of business operation during the period of the current Medium-Term Management Plan. These priority industries and business infrastructure will be reinforced and developed based on five growth strategies and five business infrastructure reinforcement strategies.
The MUL Group aims for forward-looking management utilizing digitalization such as IoT and AI in its growth strategies, and robotics in its business infrastructure reinforcement strategies in various scenes.

Image of Overview of management strategy

3. Business targets

The business targets we aim to achieve by March 2020 are indicated below.

Consolidated net income 63.0 billion yen or more  Consolidated ROA (based on net income) 1.1% or higher

4. Comparison between the new and the past Medium-term Management Plans

Making constant efforts to achieve sustainable growth in corporate value

The MUL Group has actively explored new business opportunities focusing on the three pillars of asset class, profitability, and business model. The conceptual image shown below describe our activities over the past decade and future business management strategies.
We have expanded our business focusing on asset class centering on the global asset and real estate businesses, growing profitability based on expansion of business method beyond the framework of lease and finance and the business model evolving from corporate finance to business participation and business operation. We will continue moving forward in this direction. We will provide unique value to our customers by leveraging our industry's characteristics of great flexibility and freedom and evolving our business model.

Image of Comparison between the new and the past Medium-term Management Plans

* The scale value of profitability indicates the actual value (consolidated net income) for Vision2010-Evolution, and the target value for Breakthrough for the Next Decade.

5. Management Philosophy · Corporate Message

Management Philosophy

We will respond to the trust of customers, shareholders, and employees and help to realize a more prosperous society.

  • We will work to achieve a sustained improvement in corporate value by offering the best solutions to customers.
  • We aim to play a part in the development of regions and society by pursuing environmentally considerate corporate activities in compliance with laws and regulations.
  • We will create a workplace environment that motivates each and every employee and in which they can take pride.

Corporate Message

Value Integrator  Integrating values of various management resources (human resources, assets, funds, information) through integration of finance and business, and creating new value for society.

We adopted our corporate signature phrase, "Value Integrator" at the time of the merger in April 2007. Over the past decade, we have grown steadily and the scope of our business has expanded/evolved significantly. As a result of such development, we no longer fit into the interpretation made 10 years ago, so we have redefined our corporate signature phrase to reflect our business growth goals.
In our new interpretation, the scope of things which we intend to integrate as the "integrator" will be expanded from tangible and intangible assets to management resources such as human resources, assets, funds, and information. In addition, we will evolve our integration methods from the current lease and finance business to the integration of finance and business. With regard to deliverables, or value, generated through integration, we will create new value not only for our customers but also for society as a whole. The changes would be appropriate for our company as it aims to evolve and grow further.

6. Vision for the Next Decade

As a new initiative, 10-year aspirations have been added to the new Medium-Term Management Plan. As described in the title, "Breakthrough for the next decade," it embodies our determination to achieve growth far exceeding that of the past decade.
In this time of rapid change, it is difficult to accurately foresee 10 years ahead. However, we have incorporated the desires of both employees and management into our 10-year aspirations.

An entity that seeks to address social issues with customers beyond the boundaries of countries, regions and industries by detecting changes in the environment beforehand, and coordinating and providing diverse functions regarding finance, assets and businesses. Such entity presents a vibrant environment where each employee acts with a strong sense of social mission and responsibility.
Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance Company Limited
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