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Global asset business

We provide an unparalleled line of products and services consisting of aircraft, aircraft engines,
ships, containers, railcars, and automobiles by strengthening our global asset business, focusing
on assets with high liquidity and value in markets around the world. Going forward, we will
further expand our business beyond leasing and finance by increasing variations of assets
through the effective use of our group networks and alliances.

Business areas ranging from
airframes and engines to parts

Business areas ranging from airframes and engines to parts

Aircraft lease/aircraft engine lease

The number of global air passengers is increasing sharply due to the expansion of new markets including low-cost carriers. The global demand for aircraft is forecasted to reach 45,000 units by 2035. Amid a favorable investment environment for airlines, Jackson Square Aviation, MUL's U.S.-based aircraft leasing company, and Engine Lease Finance, MUL's Ireland-based aircraft engine leasing company, have steadily expanded their businesses. We are also working to increase our involvement in the value chain of the aircraft business by establishing INAV, a U.S. joint venture engaging in the aircraft engine part-out business. We will continually expand the business by strengthening relationships with maintenance companies and airlines while expanding lease transactions to create synergies.
Outlook for private aircraft demand Expected to double in 20 years

Examples of applicable aircraft and aircraft engines

Narrow- and wide-body aircraft manufactured by Boeing and Airbus
Aircraft engines manufactured by GE, Pratt & Whitney, CFMI, IAE, and Rolls-Royce Limited

Professional services in the ship and container
industries supporting international logistics

Professional services in the ship and container<br />industries supporting international logistics

Ship finance and marine container lease

We provide various financing services to meet customers' funding needs including construction and purchase of ocean-going vessels, the key for international transportation. In the area of marine container leases, Beacon Intermodal Leasing, an MUL group company based in the United States, provides asset financing services by leveraging its professional expertise and networks. We provide a wide array of solutions to meet customer needs by taking advantage of one of the world's largest economies of scale of the company engaging in the global container leasing business. The ship finance and marine container lease markets are growing steadily in line with expanding global logistics. Our ships and containers will continue traveling around the world to support international logistics.

Shift in the number of containers held in the world

Shift in the number of containers held in the world
Examples of applicable ships (regardless of new or used)

General coastal cargo ships, bulk carriers, chemical, product, and LPG tankers, container ships, car carriers, reefer ships

North American railcar lease business,
aiming to be one of the top ten companies

North American railcar lease business, aiming to be one of the top ten companies

Railcar lease

MUL established a joint venture with The Greenbrier Companies, a U.S.-based builder and supplier of railcar equipment, in 2017. We will provide one-stop services to meet various needs of railway companies and cargo owners by developing marketing functions for railcar leases in the United States and incorporating railcar management functions. Furthermore, we aim to be one of the top ten companies in the North American railcar lease industry by holding 25,000 railcars by 2020.
Nearly 50% of 1.55 million railcars are leased in North America