Developing the Future of Community Healthcare

Healthcare business

As Japan's population ages at a rapid pace seen nowhere else in the world,
integrated community healthcare, including medical care and nursing care for the elderly,
will become an absolute necessity. At Mitsubishi UFJ Lease Group,
we combine our service and asset management functions with our knowledge of finance
in the areas of healthcare and aged care and the know-how we have cultivated from the operation
of nursing care facilities. By offering a wide range of integrated services,
from finance to management assistance to hospitals, healthcare institutions,
and aged care facilities, we will support community healthcare,
an essential infrastructure for regional communities.

Coordinating a diverse range of functions to provide
multifaceted support for community healthcare

Providing Functions to Advance The Integrated Community Care System

Total solutions supporting The Integrated Community Care System

To help the elderly to stay and live in the community they are most familiar with, the Japanese government is actively promoting the development of the integrated community care system to provide integrated, home-based, medical and nursing care. The facilitators of these the integrated community care system are the Community Healthcare Partnership Promotion Corporation, a new system that was established in April 2017. In addition to coordinating local hospitals and nursing care facilities, these corporations are also expected to fulfill a role in supporting various operations such as financing and shared use of medical equipment. Mitsubishi UFJ Lease Group, as a partner that will provide one-stop-shop support for these operations, is working to strengthen our functions in the medical and nursing care sector. Through our healthcare business, we aim to provide total solutions that will support Japan's the integrated community care system.

Providing Business Management Support to Hospitals
in Their Central Role in the Community

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Support services for the introduction of medical equipment
and business management improvement consulting

Hospitals and nursing care facilities face a range of management challenges. Many hospitals have trouble identifying exactly what the problem is and the challenges involved. In December 2016, we established MUL HEALTHCARE, with the objective of providing business management improvement services for hospital operators. MUL HEALTHCARE provides support services for the introduction of new medical equipment and consulting regarding improvements to business management. Through these services, this company gives its all to support the work of hospitals and nursing care facilities. Healthcare Management Partners operates a management support fund specializing in medical and nursing care. As a partner to the medical and nursing care sector, this company provides a wide range of financing methods to enable operators to manage their facilities with long-term stability. We value our stance of being a support for the hospital and nursing care facility operators, and will continue to bring the full strengths of the entire Group together to provide that support, from finance to nursing care facility operations and assistance with business management improvements.