Getting the most from real estate Maximizing its value

Real estate business

The Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance Group has engaged in various businesses related to real
estate ranging from loans to hands-on real estate revitalization investments that combine
equity investments and asset management. The MUL Group is working to help customers
improve profits by revitalizing aging buildings while contributing to energizing and creating
communities and realizing a sustainable society.
The MUL Group will maximize the value of real estate by providing a wide range of
solutions for the issues facing today's society.

Hands-on redevelopment by making
the most of existing assets

Osaka Kokusai Building

Real estate revitalization

Many buildings constructed during the periods of Japan's high economic growth and asset price bubble are aging, and finding a way to utilize these pieces of real estate is becoming a major social issue. Meanwhile, the focus of the real estate market in Japan is shifting from reconstruction to renovation against the backdrop of rising construction costs and growing environmental awareness. Under these circumstances, MUL Realty Investment and MUL Realty Advisers, two of MUL Group companies, have facilitated hands-on real estate revitalization. They have done this by, for example, succeeding development projects that fell through during construction, attracting tenants to improve operating rates, and increasing energy efficiency by replacing equipment, in addition to providing funds. These efforts are expected to contribute to improving real estate asset value and profitability while resolving the issues facing society such as regional revitalization.

Enabling capital investment suited to our times

Logiport Sakai

Financing for liquidation of real estate

The MUL Group provides non-recourse loans (loans that use cash flows generated from the relevant real estate as repayment sources) including mezzanine loans for revenue-generating real estate such as offices, commercial facilities, residences, logistics facilities, and hotels. At the same time, it actively makes equity investments by leveraging its many years of expertise in financing for liquidation of real estate. In particular, the MUL Group contributes to supplying optimal logistics facilities through equity investments in real estate development. For example, it handles the aging of facilities constructed during the period of Japan's rapid economic growth while meeting the need to enhance functions of logistics facilities in line with the widespread use of Internet transactions (e-commerce) and to improve the working environment for people working there. These activities will go beyond Japan and expand into the United States, Asia, and Oceania.

Accelerating store openings while
minimizing initial investments

Shonan Mall Fill

Real estate lease

Real estate lease is a scheme to construct buildings for tenants and lease the buildings to them. The MUL Group has been a forerunner of the building lease business in the leasing industry with experience in various buildings, including large commercial facilities, logistics facilities, restaurants, clothing stores, business hotels, and care facilities. The number of projects it has handled amounts to approximately 2,000 across Japan. Going forward, the MUL Group aims to engage in projects involving commercial and logistics facilities overseas by making the most of its know-how and expertise gained through projects in Japan.