Responding to global demand for infrastructure

Social infrastructure business

Social infrastructure is indispensable to people’s daily lives. Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance
Group engages in various projects in the market both in Japan and around the world. On the
global front, MUL has participated in the submarine power transmission business and
onshore wind power business. Going forward, MUL will expand the scope of operations
such as global power transmission and generation, transportation, water, and roads.
MUL has Japan’s leading track record in the private finance initiative (PFI) business that
makes private-sector funding and expertise available for construction and operation of
public facilities. MUL will continue playing a key role in building a more
comfortable society with solutions unique to a non-bank.

Making a foray into the overseas infrastructure business

Offshore substation in Germany

Overseas business

The global social infrastructure market is expected to grow at over 10% per annum with yearly demand worth roughly 180 trillion yen. Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance established the Infrastructure Business Office in April 2016 and made a full-scale entry into the market. As the first project in the overseas social infrastructure business, MUL participated in the submarine power transmission business in Germany in June 2017. The project is transmitting power using submarine cables that have a total transmission length of 665 km and transmission capacity of 2,790 MW from wind power plants located in an offshore area of the North Sea to land via an offshore wind power station. In November 2017, MUL participated in the onshore wind power business in Ireland. The entire volume of power generated by five wind power plants (97 wind turbines, total output of 223 MW) is supplied to the Irish wholesale electricity market. MUL Group will provide advanced added value unique to MUL Group in order to respond to various needs and help to build a sustainable society in the global infrastructure market while achieving further growth.

Submarine Power Transmission Business in Germany

Submarine Power Transmission Business in Germany

Helping to build a more comfortable society to live in

Hitachiota master control station/Ishigakijima tracking and control station/MICHIBIKI: Quasi-Zenith Satellite/Antenna at the Istanbul monitoring station

Domestic business

Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance has for many years participated in the social infrastructure business in Japan including the private finance initiative (PFI) business where MUL has the industry’s leading track record. One example of MUL’s PFI projects is the Quasi-Zenith Satellite System (MICHIBIKI). MICHIBIKI is Japan’s navigation satellite system (Japanese GPS) promoted by the Japanese government. Radio waves transmitted from satellites are expected to be used for self-driving cars and advanced car navigation, advancement of IT agriculture, safe and efficient operation of trains, ships, and aircraft, satellite reports for disaster and crisis management, and more. MUL, in cooperation with the representative company NEC Corporation, has participated in the PFI business that outsources monitoring and control of satellites, development of ground control systems, promotion of positioning-related services, and more to private sector companies. Through the business, MUL has contributed to promote smooth business operations by providing administrative services related to finance in addition to providing financial support such as investments and loans.

Application example : Cars (navigation)

*Some of the functions are enabled by combining with ground equipment such as sensors.