Domestic customer business

We and Group companies with characterisitcs in the region and the business field carefully meet various needs.

Lease, finance

In addition to offering finance lease and operating lease according to customers' needs, we support cash flow improvements through our factoring services.


We respond to diverse rental needs, including information equipment, machine tools, and inspection, measuring, and analysis equipment.

Auto lease

We provide optimal solutions best suited to customers' needs, including the selection and procurement of vehicles, maintenance and disposal.

Sales and purchase of used machinery

A Group company specializing in used equipment and that has deep experience and a proven track record swiftly answers customers' various needs for used equipment, such as those for sales, purchases, and rental.

Administrative Efficiency and Asset Management Services

Different departments and operations require management of assets, documents, and data. Flexible combinations of an online ledger function will optimize these management operations.

Sales support service

We help vendors to diversify their selling methods and strengthen their competitiveness.

Services for condominium associations

We offer simple finance services for condominium associations for the sale of household equipment and fixtures.